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Glasses of Water

Private Water System

If your home does not have access to public water, a private water system would need to be installed.   "Private water system" means any water system for the provision of water for human consumption, if the system has fewer than fifteen service connections, and does not regularly serve an average of at least twenty-five individuals daily at least sixty days out of the year.  This would include water wells, ponds, springs, cisterns, recycled water, hauled water, and water storage tanks.

When a well is installed or altered, LCHD staff samples the water for possible contaminants (including

Total Coliform, E. Coli, nitrates, and lead), inspects the well construction and pressure tank, and reviews

the well log and completion form. This helps ensure the water is safe for human consumption.  Please

note:  a permit is required from the Lawrence County Health Department before a private water system

can be installed or altered.

LCHD provides the following services:

  • Registers contractors, drillers, and homeowners who wish to construct, alter, or seal their private water system at their primary or secondary address. 

  • Issues Installation or Alterations Permits for private water systems

  • Water System Certifications

  • Conducts bacterial water sampling and screening of private or semi-private water supplies

  • Investigates waterborne illnesses


Private Water System Site Plan-Application

Water Sample Form


Private water systems (PWS) are regulated under the Ohio Revised Code (3701.344 to 3701.347) and the Ohio Administrative Code (3701-28).  These regulations govern the construction, inspection, installation, development, maintenance, and abandonment of private water systems (PWS).  

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