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Nuisance Complaint Explanation/Summary

The LCHD addresses a variety of public health nuisance complaints occurring throughout Lawrence Co., such as garbage/trash, housing, insects, rodents, sewage, food related, etc. Upon receiving a complaint, we will perform an on-site investigation and issue an enforcement notice depending on jurisdiction and severity.  The enforcement notice will allot an amount of time for the nuisance to be resolved before a reinspection is performed and any further action is evaluated.

Please complete a nuisance complaint form and bring it to the health department.

***Not all nuisance complaints involve public health and, therefore,  the LCHD has limited jurisdiction.  However, we will attempt to refer you to the proper authority or organization.

***Nuisance complaints located within the city limits of Ironton, OH should be addressed to the Ironton Mayor’s Office. We can then assist as needed.

Ohio law pertaining to nuisance complaints is under the Ohio Revised Code:  O.R.C. 3707

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