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In 2016, under a Maternal Child Health grant, Lawrence County Health Department partnered with Cribs for Kids, a national organization whose mission is "helping every baby sleep safer".   Since that time, we have provided a pack 'n play or cribette to hundreds of infants who did not otherwise have a safe sleep environment.  We have worked with WIC, Early Head Start, churches, rehab facilities, and many other agencies to provide cribettes to infants.  

Qualifications for the cribettes include:

  • infant must live in Lawrence County, Ohio

  • infant must be under 12 months of age, or

  • mom must be at least 8 months pregnant

  • must be eligible for WIC

When the parent comes for the cribette, he/she is asked to watch a video, and safe sleep education is provided at the time of the visit.  In addition, a call is made later for follow-up education.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call Sherry Prince at 740-532-3962 or email

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