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COVID-19 Responsible Restart Ohio

On April 27,2020 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released his “COVID-19 Responsible Restart Ohio” plan, a plan for re-opening businesses and operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Most importantly, this plan focuses on COVID-19 prevention measures to be implemented along with the responsible restart for Ohio businesses, healthcare systems, manufacturing, and other operations.  Not all businesses are included in the plan, as some businesses will not be able to re-open until the risk of COVID-19 spread reduces.  Below includes Governor DeWine’s plan, which begins in May 2020.

COVID-19 Restart Guiding Principles

Responsible Protocols for all Businesses

Where can I get guidance for re-opening my business or operation?

What should I do if my employee is positive for COVID-19?

Where can I read the Ohio Public Health Orders currently in effect?

How can I report a complaint of a business, employer, or facility that is not compliant to the Public Health Orders?

What kind of operations and businesses are still closed under the Public Health Orders?

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