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Ohio Smoke Free Workplace Program

In November 2006, Ohio voters approved a smoking ban which forbids smoking in public places, including places of employment, and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) began enforcement in May 2007.  This ban provides protection from the health problems associated with exposure to secondhand smoke.  

Ohio Revised Code Section 3794.02 Smoking Prohibitions

Please note:  definitions in Ohio Revised Code Section 3794.01 were updated September 30, 2021 to include electronic smoking devices and vapor products.

Enforcement of the ban by the Ohio Department of Health became effective May 3, 2007. Lawrence County Health Department partnered with the Ohio Department of Health to help provide enforcement of the law and rules.


Facts about the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Law 

FAQs about the Smoke Free Workplace Act

Business owners, this sign should be placed at entrances to your building,  Click here to download a copy. 

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