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Environmental Health

Well Inspection

Our responsibilities: The Environmental Health Division is responsible for licensing and inspecting local food service operations, retail food establishments, campgrounds, body art, public pools and spas in Lawrence County.  For residential properties, the Environmental Health Division permits and inspects private water systems, residential sewage systems installed in the county and private water haulers. The Environmental Health Division responds to nuisance complaints, animal bite reports and environmental complaints / disease investigations. The division inspects schools in the county and mosquito control activities in the county.  The Environmental Health division is out in our community everyday, performing inspections, investigations, and services to protect and improve our environment in Lawrence County and reduce environmental hazards that can lead to disease.



Food Safety Recalls
Please click on items within the widget for more information on a specific recall or alert.

To report complaints regarding Food Service, Tattoo/Body Art Establishments, Pools, or Campgrounds, or to request information

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