About Us

Mission Statement

The Lawrence County Health Department is committed to monitoring community health status, identifying and addressing public health threats, enforcing laws that protect the public health, as well as providing services to prevent and control diseases.


Lawrence County residents will enjoy improved quality of life because of Lawrence County Health Department’s dedication to health promotion, health education, disease prevention, and environmental health protection.

Values/Guiding Principles

  • Care for our community

  • Respect for our clients, regardless of their circumstances

  • Commitment to public health

  • Teamwork

  • Qualified, experienced staff

  • Health promotion

  • Collaboration with community partners and stakeholders

Lawrence County Board of Health

Lawrence County Health Department is governed by the Lawrence County Board of Health.   Five members of the current board were appointed by the Lawrence County Health District Advisory Council, comprised of the president of the county commissioners, mayors of the incorporated villages, and township trustee presidents.  A sixth member was appointed by the Ironton City Mayor when the City of Ironton Health Department merged with LCHD in June, 2018. 

Current board members include:

  • Randall Lambert, Board President

  • Curtis Anderson

  • Brenda Shipley

  • Lois Herrell

  • Ryan Brislin

  • Mark Dickess