Subject: Positive COVID19 cases in Lawrence County, OH

New Cases:

January 14th – 35 new cases reported today

New Cases – 35 new cases were reported today:

20 females, 15 males, ages 8-81 (6 school-age children).

11,752 tests have been reported.

Please note: facilities aren’t required to send negative results to us. We have completed the monitoring of 8,351 contacts and confirmed cases. This number doesn’t include the confirmed cases and contacts we monitored prior to the system being put in place.

Total Hospitalizations since April 2020: 307

Total Covid-related deaths: 48 (25 females, 23 males, ages 52-98). Lawrence County New Cases: Positive case individuals are compliant with home and hospital isolation protocol as per public health recommendations The Lawrence County Health Department continues to work on case contacts and monitoring of contacts for symptoms. Should a contact of a positive case become symptomatic COVID19 testing will be initiated. *Numbers are updated daily around 4pm after the Lawrence County Health Department, State of Ohio, and the CDC have completed their daily official reports.

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